Substance Misuse and Mental Illness in Young Adults

The challenge of increasing substance misuse and mental illness among young adults, the double threat this poses, and how employers can help.


What you'll learn

Prevalence of SUDs & mental illness in young adults

The 18 - 25 age group has the highest rates of alcohol, tobacco, and illicit drug use and the highest percentage of people who suffer from mental illness.

Risk of co-occurring substance and mental health disorders

Among young adults, more than 50% of those with an SUD also have at least one co-occurring psychiatric disorder.

How employers can help employees and their dependents

On top of healthcare costs for young adult employees, employers also pay indirectly for depends who experience SUD and mental health issues.

Importance of treatment and intervention

Of the 5.1 million young adults reported as having an SUD, 87% went untreated. And, of the 8.8 million reported as having a mental illness, 42% went untreated.